it services

We focus on providing IT services to SME organisations. We will manage your IT infrastructure and PC’s with a focus on reducing maintenance costs. We understand that your IT environment needs to be 100% stable to operate effectively, yet keeping costs affordable. We really do care for each of our clients and rather than focusing on quantity we provide quality to a select group of clientele. The very best service is what you can expect to receive. Our turnaround times are geared to the urgency of your needs. When you need us we will be there.

why it services

It is integral to your day-to-day optimum functioning as a business.

it services

PC Services
We ensure that your PC (or computing environment) runs reliably without requiring excessive maintenance.

Many things can happen to your PC and the data on it:

  • When viewing your emails or surfing on the internet a trojan, virus, spyware, etc. could be installed on your system. These can delete or corrupt files, making your system unusable or kidnap your PC for illegal purposes.
  • When installing software or updates, something could go wrong and make the system unusable.
  • The hardware could stop working or malfunction.

We can protect you from the many of the abovementioned issues and/or provide a fall-back should something happen; in addition to resolving any issues that arise.

We recommend backups on a regular basis. We can generate and store backups for you accordingly.

Installation and Configuration
We carry out the installation and configuration of software and hardware. We are also able to purchase the necessary hardware and software accordingly for you. This ensures that you receive the best price available and is more convenient for many of our clients.

We carry out whatever training you require.

We carry out maintenance checks at agreed times for you. These include:

  • Check for software and security updates.
  • Check the logs for any issues that should be looked at.
  • Delete temporary files, etc.
  • Carry out Virus, Malware and Trojan checks.
  • “Re-inoculate” the PC.
  • Scan and defragment the disks.

Resolve IT problems
We resolve any issues that arise.

We advise on how to configure the PC to reduce the need for maintenance.

Improved performance
We tune the PC by identifying what slows it down to ensure optimal performance.